Cube and Triangle Sustainability Pledge 

At Cube and Triangle, we recognize that our actions have an impact on the environment, and we are dedicated to reducing that impact. We also promote practices that have a positive impact on the environment.   We will continually seek innovative ways to be as sustainable as possible. 

Our pledge is to: 

  1. Reduce Waste: We will minimize our waste production by implementing practices such as recycling.  The companies used to handle our waste are zero landfill.  We no longer serve food with any single-use plastic. We only stock Teapigs Tea as the tea bag is compostable. Salad food waste is limited, as the guinea pigs at home happily consume unused salad.  We only serve vinegar sachets on request.  Tap water is available on request.  Our bottled water comes in packaging that is 51% rPET. 

  1. Source Locally: We will prioritize sourcing our ingredients from local, sustainable, and ethical suppliers wherever possible. This not only supports our community but also reduces our carbon footprint.  Many of our drinks are distilled and bottled in the UK, reducing their air-miles.  

  1. Choose Climate-Friendly Drinks: Some of our drinks actively protect the environment.  For example, Hawksbill Rum donates proceeds to protect the Hawksbill Turtle in the Caribbean.  We stock the Molson Coors Coastal Wine range as it is in partnership with Plastic Oceans Org.   The Sapling Vodka we stock plants a tree with every bottle sale and we plan to stock Toti Dark Rum, which also gives proceeds to marine projects.   

  1. Promote Fair-Trade Products:  Stokes coffee is Fair-Trade and aligned with the Rainforest Alliance.   Fair coffee liqueur is also made from Fair-Trade coffee beans.  Tate & Lyle sugar is fair-trade, also.   

  1. Promote Plant-Based Options: We will offer a variety of delicious plant-based menu options to encourage healthier, more sustainable food choices.  We do not serve sea-food due to the impact this has on the ocean.  We only serve oat milk.  Many of our drinks are vegan and our creamy liqueurs are all plant-based.    

  1. Conserve Water and Energy: We take steps to reduce our water and energy consumption through efficient equipment, for example, our new glasswasher and LED lighting.  We also use an app to ensure equipment is only on when necessary. Water-saving practices are important, and we have taps in the toilets that automatically turn off.  Our energy supply is from 100% renewable energy.